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Cedrick Ofori

Cedrick’s desire to become an active member for change within Africa was born from a family trip to Ghana as a child, where he witnessed firsthand the disparity between wages and the labour being performed. Whilst obtaining a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering, his curiosity lead him to independently study sustainable forms of development in Africa, which is what has lead him to establishing Mission 54.

Stephen Ofori-addo

I was born in Hamburg, Germany and currently study Aerospace Engineering at the University of Manchester.

Growing up, I believed in a meritocratic society. A society where everything is possible to anyone who is willing to work hard for their dreams. This belief drove me to work hard in my early school years, but I grew to realise how unfair the world really was. Nearly half of the world´s population live on $2.50 a day.

The first time that I visited Ghana was in 2005. My father took me to the school in which my late grandfather taught in. The conditions of the school facilities were shocking; however, the academic ability of the children is what really surprised me at the time. They were so eager to learn from the teachers and possessed the ability to recall complex information at a very young age. I did not understand how a country full of bright children could end up with such a low number of educated people.

I researched further into the causes of poverty in Africa wiles at University. Some of the causes were corruption, poor education and unemployment. Africa has the highest academic expulsion rate globally. These expulsions are not necessarily due to bad behavior but due to circumstances out of the children’s control. Is that what a fair society looks like? 

This incentivized me to get involved with numerous societies on campus which ultimately led to the formation of Mission 54. 

Shantelle Awomoyi

I was born in London and I studied Materials Science and Engineering with Corrosion at the University of Manchester.

My mixed African (Nigerian) and Caribbean (Guyanese) heritage has propelled me to take a deeper look and get a better understanding of both cultures.

On my most recent trip to Nigeria I witnessed the parallels of wealth distribution within the country. Young children were standing by the busy roadside hawking food and begging for money when they should have been in school, while members of the high society in their brand new cars drove past without batting an eyelid. As part of the diaspora I recognised my privilege and decided to do something about it.

It has been forecasted that by the turn of the century 40% of the world’s population will be African. The future is African but the time for sustainable development is now and that is why I decided to join Mission 54.

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