Education is Sustenance


Education is Sustenance

By Boakye D Alpha

Education. A four syllabi word with great sustenance. Sustenance. How loosely I use that word even marvels me but I couldn’t be wrong either. Most of us — or all of us frankly — have seen the great importance of education in our today world. We enjoy a lot of privileges we enjoy today because ‘some’ people decided to be educated. The advancement of technology is from this same source. A lot of countries are developing greatly because of this thing we call education. So I couldn’t be wrong with my use of that word.

However, what happens when you find yourself — as a child — in a community where education is of less importance? A place where nobody would mind if you decide to give up on education. To be fair, sometimes it’s not a decision you make but you are forced to because the conditions in the community aren’t ‘education friendly’. But all hope is not lost when we have individuals, organisation etc in the country and some parts of the world who see the importance of education and do whatever they could — through volunteerism, NGOs, outreaches etc — , to see children from these communities taste the fruits of education for the development of the community and the country as a whole.

A few days ago, I explored the efforts of an audacious young man who through an initiative of an NGO taught children within the ages of eight and fourteen who were not in school in his community. The NGO came to his community to talk to them about what they were about and someone from the community was asked to volunteer and this person would be given all the needed assistance to teach these children how to read, write and the importance of education as a whole.

Being a senior High school graduate — and someone who knew what education was— he volunteered to join the NGO and impact on the young lives in his community.

They began in their local language teaching them literacy and numeracy skills. Gradually, these children loved the idea of education and most of them enrolled in schools in and around the community after that encounter.

This young man explained, after my encounter with him that, “some of these children really wished to be in school but they weren’t given the chance to either because their parents don’t see the importance of education given their circumstance or there isn’t enough infrastructure for schooling.”


    • Mentorship : Then there is the idea of the community using its own successful people who have gotten to a certain stage in life through education to come back and make the people — both parents and children — understand the relevance of and support education.
    • Financial Education: For some education is financially infeasible however with training on how to budget and utilize the credit and micro-financing systems to their advantage education may become a possibility.

Education helps people make healthier and smarter decisions about their children, their livelihoods, the way they live and the assistance they give to their community and the county as a whole.

Education is sustenance. And now you know I wasn’t wrong with my use of the word.

Boakye D. Alpha