The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

By Ernst Young

Sustainability as a concept, theory, and philosophy, is one which has plagued scholars for decades in its definition and application. The requirement for something to be “sustainable” has been instrumental to the success or failure of technological introductions into new, often fragile environments. The gravity of its presence lies with its ability to revive or destroy our natural environment, and in the case of the latter can be considered a missing piece of a technological puzzle.
The word sustainability was first appeared in Edward Goldsmith’s ‘Blueprint for Survival’  in 1972. Read more “The Missing Piece of The Puzzle”

Education is Sustenance

Education is Sustenance

By Boakye D Alpha

Education. A four syllabi word with great sustenance. Sustenance. How loosely I use that word even marvels me but I couldn’t be wrong either. Most of us — or all of us frankly — have seen the great importance of education in our today world. We enjoy a lot of privileges we enjoy today because ‘some’ people decided to be educated. The advancement of technology is from this same source. A lot of countries are developing greatly because of this thing we call education. So I couldn’t be wrong with my use of that word.

However, what happens when you find yourself — as a child — in a community where education is of less importance? Read more “Education is Sustenance”

How will Sustainable Development of Education be achieved?

Sustainable Development of Education in Mali 

By Kany Toure

In Mali, only 53.9% of 6-to-16 years-old attend primary and secondary school. In most rural regions, this percentage does not exceed 25%.
The fragility of the academic system is a direct consequence of years of political and economic chaos. In 2011, Mali experienced a serious food crisis, especially in the northern regions of Timbuktu, Gao and Kidal. In less than a year, what started as a food crisis led to political unrest, following the armed rebellion in the north in January 2012 and the coup d’état in March 2012. Read more “How will Sustainable Development of Education be achieved?”

What role can the young African Diaspora play?

What role can the young African Diaspora play?

By Dabi Olu-Odugbemi

I came to the stark realisation that I was part of the African Diaspora in 2017. Prior to that, although I had been living in the UK for over three years I always strongly identified as wholly Nigerian. Don’t misunderstand me – I definitely still identify as Nigerian. It’s what my parents are, what my grand-parents are, my great-grandparents, my great-great… you get the picture.

However, in 2017 I was offered a job at a firm in the UK that I’m really excited about. And I accepted it, thus committing myself to living in the UK until at least 2022… But in reality, Read more “What role can the young African Diaspora play?”