Mission 54 believe that all children in Africa should be able to freely explore and harness their academic and creative talents without fear.

Our aim is to provide sustainable support whilst actively encouraging the spirit of collaboration and community within the diaspora, in order to increase the amount of children reaching their highest academic potential.

Alongside supplying children with necessary study essentials, we aspire to form micro-investment partnerships with the local retailers within the same community to  boost financial growth and employment opportunities within their community.

Whilst we take action within Africa, we also aim to raise further awareness to countries outside of the continent about the significant role education has to play in improving economic development and quality of life.

What we do

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Our team two years of experience working with schools in African countries
Our goal is to assist schools across the continent of Africa.
We have two ongoing projects. See our projects page for more information.
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Hundreds of students have benefited from our programs.

our Values


Simply just giving communities resources is a practise which cannot be sustained long-term. Our idea in addition to providing resource is to be able to create partnerships and provide enough support so that the communities we work with are able to continue to thrive and operate independently as a result.  


We ensure that the communities we work with do not become dependent on Mission 54 in the long term; we believe that our role is to encourage and provide the means for independent long term development. We seek to create partnerships which will support the school to eventually operate autonomously with families and local businesses.


We work with the community in mind, and continuously aim to include members of the communities in which we work in, in all aspects of our projects. If our goal of enriching children’s lives is to be met, then we must also look to uplift the communities in which they live. 


We aspire to behave with integrity and do our due diligence to ensure that the same can be said for all of our partners. 

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