Mission 54 is a non-profit organisation which seeks to support and empower disadvantaged children across Africa. We aim to harness the power of education to combat poverty within the continent.

Africa has the largest educational exclusion rate globally. The lack of access to basic essentials such as uniforms and textbooks serve to decelerate and ultimately curtail the scholastic development of the continent’s young, preventing them from discovering their full potential.

Mission 54 seeks to remedy said educational impediments through a series of sustainable long-term solutions. We believe that as an organisation we can help to reduce the rate of educational exclusion in Africa and play an integral role in the path to success for many of the region’s youth.

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We’re on a mission to improve the education for the the new generation.


We strive to allocate mentors for the students in the schools with which we partner as we believe role-models are essential to a child's development.

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We seek to invest in classroom equipment and ensure children have access to basic necessities such as uniforms and textbooks in order to maintain high enrolment with the schools.

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